Aaron S.

Life was good growing up for me. It was only my dad and I, but we were blessed. My addiction really took off at a young age and started with marijuana, but that was just the start before I really went down a dark path. By the time I was16 years old, I was intravenously using Heroin. The reason I would use drugs is because I honestly enjoyed the high. I became more talkative around people and it seemed almost as if I was more lively when I was high. I came to Teen Challenge so that I could really develop my relationship with Christ and live a sober life.  The only reason I came to Teen Challenge is because I had this urge that God was calling me back and I felt like it was time to take that step. While in here at Teen Challenge I hope to really find myself so that way I can walk out the calling God has on my life as well as continue to grow in my walk with the Lord.