Adam B.

My first memories of childhood were pretty rough. I remember being adopted into a loving, Godly family at age 7. Everything up to age 15 was for the most part a normal childhood. Then at around age 15, I was put on psychiatric medication which was in a way the beginning of my identity crisis. This was only creating dependency on drugs to fill a void. Coming off those psych meds at age 15 was the first time I experienced a withdraw. This feeling of dependency and emptiness led me to start experimenting, and using other drugs. Still chasing an identity.  The next 7 years of using drugs, and drinking to numb the pain of not knowing who I was in Christ led me to my place of refuge, Teen Challenge.  I needed help. I needed God. While I am here at Teen Challenge I hope to become the better father and husband the Bible says I am supposed to be. I want to finally be able to put my past behind me, and put Christ first in my life.