Alexia N.

The last few years of my marriage were hard. I began having seizures that contributed to my depression and malnourishment. A while after our divorce, I started seeing a guy that introduced me to a drug after having a seizure one night. I had dislocated my shoulder and was in severe pain. He offered me a hit of what he was smoking to numb it. He failed to tell me how addicting the drug was or what type of side effects I’d have. I stopped   seeing him although stayed addicted to the poison, not realizing what it would do to my future. At some point, I was arrested because of him and needed help. After almost two years, I called my parents and explained my situation. They drove all the way from California to Oklahoma, and found me help through Teen Challenge! I am so blessed to have a God in heaven and parents on earth, who never gave up on me! During my stay at The Home of Hope, my goal is to be healed and set free!