Benny V.

So I had a pretty rough up-bringing. I grew up in a dysfunctional home, drugs and alcohol seem to be the way of life. Mom and Pops seem to be constantly entertaining some type of chaotic party, whether it was at home or them vanishing to take part in. They were kids with kids, so that explains a lot of it. My personal addiction began as a young adult, trying to escape the faces of reality, I was about 17ish when I started drinking to socialize with the crowd. It made everything easier and less thoughtful to compromise and justify my irrational behavior and drug use. Even though I witnessed my parents fall victim to alcohol and drugs and thought I knew better, I was following the same road. I thought I was invincible and would not run into the same problems. But I fell victim as well and my life quickly became unmanageable and I was lucky to find Teen Challenge and start this journey to sobriety and graciously walk in spiritual growth. This is going to help me be the father and role model I desire to be for my kids.