Chauncey W.

Life growing up had its ups and downs. My father battled drug addiction and when I was rather young, my parents filed for divorce. I found myself moving frequently, from place to place. My addiction began at the age of 10. I primarily turned to drugs as a means to quiet the noise that was constantly going on within my head. Drugs also had a way of numbing me from the stress that resulted from my parents continually fighting for custody of my sister and I. Right before I decided to enter Teen Challenge, my life was in complete shambles. I was questioning my life’s purpose and was even contemplating taking my own life. I am here at Teen Challenge to ultimately become closer to the one who made me, Jesus Christ. He knows what my true purpose is. Through the duration of this journey, I am expecting to grow closer to him each step of the way, as well as acquire wisdom, self-control, and obedience.