Christina C.

I grew up in a beautiful, extremely religious home in Northern Utah. As the youngest of six kids, I was always being watched over. My addiction began around age 25, when I left my childhood religion and got divorced from my children’s father. My dependence on alcohol and Marijuana came about and happened rather quickly, as I had a newfound freedom away from the confines of that religion and my ex-husband. I used alcohol to supplement the previously strict regimen of my life where I never felt like I had anything of my own. My decisions had all been made for me, including what I put in my body. I came to Teen Challenge of Arizona to finally be freed from my dependence on alcohol, to break toxic soul ties and to be reconciled with my children. This is after six years of unhealthy patterns that led to multiple job losses, losing custody, evictions, as well as jail, a homeless shelter and institutionalization at a mental ward. While in this program I hope to grow in my relationship with my savior Jesus Christ, and build a firm foundation where my husband and I can welcome our children back into our home and to be a beacon of light to others.