Christopher T.

I had a pretty normal upbringing, for the most part. I was raised in a relatively Christian household and environment, but I experienced bullying in school from teachers and surrounding students. I felt as if I was different and not cared for, which stuck with me through my adolescent years. My addiction really escalated around age 20, when I turned to substances to numb the PTSD I acquired from my time in the military. Prior to coming into the program, life was pretty unbearable. My addiction brought me to a place of hopelessness and homelessness. I knew that if I did not receive some sort of help, my life was in great jeopardy. I am a native to Tucson and was referred to the program. I am so thankful that I made the choice to come in. I am seeking an intimate relationship with the Lord, as well as restoration with loved ones. I know that God is able to restore. I am thankful for this opportunity!