Christopher W.

Life growing up for me was hard. My parents were never together, so I sought after relationships with people who weren’t good influences. My addiction started when I was 13 years old with smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. I think I started to use drugs because they would make me feel good/happy as well as to be accepted. I came to Teen Challenge to get off the streets because I was homeless.  I also want get away from temptations so that I can work on myself while finding a relationship with God.  The fear of where my addiction was taking me is really what brought me to Teen Challenge. I was clean before I came into the program, but I knew that it wasn’t likely to stay that way for long so I decided to get a head start on it. While here in the program I hope to accomplish a better relationship with God, gain some confidence in myself, and to learn how to humble myself and be the man I am supposed to be.