Cody B.

My upbringing was pretty difficult, for the most part. A significant portion of it was spent in a homeless shelter, a children emergency center, and even sleeping in the woods. Unfortunately, my mother has battled drug addiction for as long as I can remember, until she passed away about three years ago from an overdose. To distract my brain from the horrendous thoughts of reality, I turned to drugs for relief. I had pretty much lost the only family that I had, and I have never had a father figure in my life. Just before coming to Teen Challenge, I was involved in some pretty dangerous activities, in order to provide for myself financially. I felt as if it were the only way to make ends meet. After encountering legal trouble, I was offered the chance to come to Teen Challenge in hopes of a deferment. I am here to better myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically, as well as to be the man that I was created to be. I hope to replace old habits with new and edifying ones. I am doing this for my mom. I just want to make her proud. I have put all of my hope in Christ and desire to be a light for those around me.