Cover R.

Life growing up as a child was lonely for me. Throughout school I was pulled for resource in a special class which made me feel different and embarrassed. My parents were divorced and I was living with my dad who sadly was dying from congestive heart failure but trying so hard to stay alive until I was at least 18. In the 6th grade I was introduced to weed and that quickly led to heroin use. I believe I liked the drugs because it helped me not to feel so lonely and I was able to check out from life problems. My dad passed away when I turned 18 and it was “off to the races” with drugs. I didn’t care anymore. I found myself homeless in Colorado, broken down. My sister who is a graduate of Teen Challenge, came to Colorado and pulled me back to reality and brought me here where I found God. I am now letting God through this program refine me in to the type of person He wants me to be.