Desiree C.

My life growing up was horrible. Both of my parents argued all of the time which resulted in me being beaten with different objects. I constantly changed schools and states. My parents told me on many  occasions that they didn’t want me. So I ran away from home more than once because in their eyes I could do nothing right. When I went to school, I was bullied for my disorders and never really had any true friends. The men in my life abused me physically, mentally, and sexually. I was told nobody loved me or wanted me. This started the  depression and anxiety. I used drugs and alcohol to try and cope with everything that was happening. I felt things were better when I was drunk because it blocked my feelings and emotions. I came to Home of Hope to get myself and my life right. To be restored to my children that were taken from me, because of the abuse and not being able to provide for them. I believe this is a great opportunity for that. While I’m here at Home of Hope, my goal is to get closer to God, to be able to trust Him and walk with Him. I want to be a better mother and work on myself.