Destin B.

Life growing up for me was good. My family and I had the Burrell Horse Auction where we had over 100 horses which required us to be constantly working hard. My addiction started when I was in high school when I began smoking marijuana. I started to use drugs because I thought it was fun to party. The drugs just seemed to come to me because of the small town I lived in, everyone knew me. I am here at Teen Challenge because I have two kids who I need to be a father to and be present in their lives because I have already missed so much while I’ve been in addiction. I ended up coming to Teen Challenge because of an overdose where I assaulted the first responders and the police. A pastor that visited me in jail told me about Teen Challenge and before you know it, I was here in Arizona. While in Teen Challenge I hope to accomplish becoming a Godly man and someone that my kids can be proud of.