Eddie C.

I grew up in a good, loving, Christian home being raised in church. While everything was going so well, it was all taken from my family and me. My parents ended up getting divorced. I was constantly put down by mom after the divorce because she was angry with my dad.  That’s really when I started to get into my addiction. I started to feel less than and as if I was never going to amount up to anything. I began hanging out with the wrong kids in school to be what I was told I was going to be. I’m here at Teen Challenge to change my life so that I will be ready to marry my fiancée, and be the man God wants me to be. I am sick and tired of always living for the devil and being in darkness. I’ve always known I have a calling on my life and it is time to submit and let God be in control of my life. While here, I hope to be in constant relationship with God, be a leader, and learn how to be the head of my household.