Gabrielle C.

Growing up my mom worked long days and nights and raised my brother and I on her own. Both of us where in and out of juvenile detention center. We were both hurt by the problems that our parents went through and seeing my dad struggle with addiction. My addiction began when I was introduced to drugs early on. First it was marijuana and then quickly it became crystal meth. I believe I used drugs and alcohol to be surrounded by people. I needed attention because I felt like I had been abandoned. Everyone I knew and loved drank and smoked, it was the thing to do. What brought me to Teen Challenge was the grace of God. A chance to save myself from the pit of destruction that I’ve built  myself over the years so that I can be the best mother I can be to my children. What I hope to accomplish in this program is complete sobriety. I hope to change and see that life is way more meaningful with a purpose and to clearly receive it from God and fulfill the plans He has for me.