Garret M.

Growing up life was pretty good up until I was seven years old when my dad decided to leave. From that day forward I always had a feeling of being alone in life. In order to mask the pain, I started using drugs at the early age of 13 and progressively started to get worse. I moved from alcohol to cocaine by the age of 16. I realized that when I was using drugs, I didn’t have to face any of the problems that I had going on in my life or deal with myself. I came to Teen Challenge in order to find my true self, but most importantly grow my relationship and get to a deeper connection with my Savior. Where I find my motivation to stick it through in Teen Challenge is my two beautiful daughters who deserve to have me at my best. I hope during these 13 months I am able to finally figure out the calling God has on my life so that I can have a firm foundation and a purpose for life after Teen Challenge.