Jack B.

My life growing up was kind of rough and different than most. My brother and I were adopted by my birth mom’s social worker. My birth mom died when we were very young. I remember thinking drugs were more important than myself at a young age. I don’t know who my father because my mother was a prostitute. My addiction began at 13 when I was a freshman in high school. It started with alcohol, weed, and evolved into cocaine. That led me deeper into harder drugs. I believe I used drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of feeling worthless and I was trying to fit in with people. I would do anything to not be abandoned again. The recent crisis that brought me to Teen Challenge was methamphetamines. My birth mother was a meth addict. My mom always told me to never try any drug because it was in my genetics (but of course I didn’t listen). I promised myself I would do any drug but meth out of respect because it caused my mother to choose it over her kids.  I broke my own heart when I  used meth for the first time. I felt like I was nothing. While I’m here, I hope to do some deep cleaning that I haven’t done ever and look at my major issues like trust and abandonment and work on a relationship with the Lord that I need.