Jasmin W.

My life was pretty normal. I was adopted into a pretty good family. It wasn’t until I moved out of their house, got pregnant, and then married, that my life started to go downhill. I got married at a young age and had to deal with mental and physical abuse and sometimes verbal abuse. I divorced him in 2020 and then met someone else and got hooked on drugs. My addiction started in 2020. I had just left the Home of Hope and graduated in 2019. I was lost and drowning in pain and hurt. I use drugs to cope with the pain that I had to go through when I got divorced and also when the other guy I was messing with would mentally and emotionally abuse me.  When I did drugs I would mentally and emotionally hurt my kids and I would hurt myself even worse. So this is my second time coming back to Teen Challenge, and God brought me back so I can get more healing and get any deep rooted issues pulled all the way up. He’s brought me back for a season of renewal.