Jesus V.

Growing up, life was a little rough. My parents were physically abusing each other and me. My dad would leave my mother, my siblings, and me. When my Dad got drunk, I was abused. I was only three years old the first time my dad started giving me weed. In the end, drinking on my own at the age of 15. By the age of 21, I was drinking hard liquor every day. I was using and drinking to numb the pain. Over the last two years, I’ve nearly died several times from alcohol poisoning and overdosing. Before coming to Teen Challenge, I had ruined almost every relationship I ever had. I’ve come to Teen Challenge to be renewed in my mind and get to a place where I fully know God. I feel the calling to be a youth pastor and to serve God and lead others who are astray back to the cross. I have faith in God that I will be restored to my family and be the better man that I was intended to be.