Joel T.

Growing up, life was not all that bad. I grew up in a relatively nice and loving family, with the exception of my dad being in prison for the majority of my younger years. My addiction primarily began when I was in high school. I chose drugs and alcohol to suppress my pain and anger. I found myself having no real identity, and drugs provided an atmosphere in which I felt that I belonged. The major crisis in my life that ultimately led me to Teen Challenge was the drugs I was using were no longer filling the massive void within my heart. I felt completely empty and desperate, and even considered ending my own life. To heal my deep wound, I now turn to the mighty power of God, as opposed to a temporary and fleeting solution. I want to pursue the calling that God has for my life. To receive the necessary tools that I need to live a victorious life, they are found in Christ and Christ alone. I look forward to the transformation that I so desire in the months to come!