Jonathan M.

Life was great while I was growing up. I lived overseas in Morocco for 9 1/2 years. Never did any drugs until I was 17 years old. I had moved to the US at the age of 13 and got picked on and bullied for many years. I moved out of my parents’ house at the age of 17 with my twin brother and got introduced to drugs and alcohol. I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I used drugs and alcohol for many years until the age of 39. Living in bondage and under the influence of methamphetamine, the spirit of bondage, put my mind into a box. I thought I was trapped forever. I came to Teen Challenge to allow God to heal my pain of being bullied and getting made fun of for many years. My hope is to grow in my servitude to the Lord. I have been baptized with water, and I am a new creation!