Joseph B.

Growing up, I was surrounded by a lot of violence. From third to ninth grade I was beaten up by upper classmen. As far as addictions go, I was blessed enough to never have one. I’ve only tried weed a few times throughout my life. I am at Teen Challenge to hopefully get some much needed mental health healing from old suicidal thoughts and tendencies. I didn’t have a “crisis” per say, but I was going to move back to my hometown in O’ahu, when my mother recommended Teen Challenge – she said it would help with some much needed mental health healing. I enrolled at Teen Challenge so that I could grow my faith. I would like to be able to walk into God’s calling for my life, although I don’t know what that is yet. I also want to be able to sleep easier at night – I want to look at myself and not hate what I see. I want to be able to love myself like God does.