Joseph Z.

My life growing up was supported by two loving parents. My Dad was a pastor and my Mom ‘s ministry and life was devoted to foster care. We had over 100 kids in and out of the house. I started getting suicidal thoughts in fourth grade, doctors said I was manic depressive and started giving me drugs I thought I had to use drugs to be normal. Multiple treatment centers said that I had a 2% chance of ever getting clean off of heroin. I had multiple drug overdoses, suicide attempts, and drug induced psychosis. I was hopeless. After much thought and prayer with my wife, the Lord kept bringing up Teen Challenge of Arizona. I’ve never been to Arizona, but God wouldn’t let me shake it. Since coming to this program, God has already begun restoration with my family relationships, with my wife, and my parents. I no longer feel depressed about life and I have hope again. The love that I feel from the Lord is so overwhelming that I want to tell the world!