Joshua K.

My life was pretty normal until around the age of 10, when my parents divorced.  My addiction began early in life. In middle school, I was introduced to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana on a regular basis. When I transitioned to high school, I picked up the hard stuff, mainly meth and heroin. I was completely trapped in my addiction and could see no way out. I’ve primarily always used drugs to escape the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life.  Prior to entering the program, I found myself at what appeared to be rock bottom. I had just been discharged from a mental health facility, and owned nothing except the clothes on my back. I was hopeless and homeless. I hope to find peace, and sound-mind, and a new life, which I am trusting the Lord for. I am also trusting him to restore my family to me. Addiction can put a strain on those you love. All in all, I am excited to be in Teen Challenge and am ready to start my new life!