Kira F.

Life growing up was full of tragedy, heartbreak, loss, and division. The death of my brother fueled my mom’s addiction, which ultimately led to my parents’ divorce. I was angry for what had happened to my family. I felt like it was all my fault. My    addiction began when I was a teenager. I started smoking cigarettes, then weed, to pills, to cocaine; then meth, to morphine and oxycodone to fentanyl.  I began using initially to “fit in”, but the underlying reason was out of spite.  Eventually it became a form of escapism from all the heartbreak and disappointment through-out my entire life. My mom went through the Home of Hope and had her life turned 180° and she has remained successful. I’m facing losing my children, I’m in trouble with the law, and in short, was not being successful out on the streets. Addiction ruled my life! While in this program I hope to accomplish breaking this vicious cycle. I’m currently pregnant and want a better, non-toxic life for my kids and to turn my life around. I want to experience all of God and all of his promises for my life.