Lexus E.

My life growing up was very scheduled. When I was three, my grandmother took custody of me due to my mom becoming a diabetic after having me. Very rarely did I have friends because I chose to block myself off due to abuse from my mom’s husband. I was always in trouble and became angry at the wrong people for the wrong things. My addiction began at the age of 18. I   believe I used drugs to run from my problems. Using, so I thought, helped me to focus on what I knew I had to do, which was work to make money, to take care of my child. The main reason I came here was to heal and to get closer and grow into God with my child. God made every way possible for me to get here and opened all doors. My heart has been trying to chase God, but I had family that kept me disconnected from that calling. My main worry was my child and how I could get us away from the situation I was in without having money for shelter, food, or transportation. I hope to accomplish a deeper understanding of God for I want to know and pursue him just as he did me. I hope to forgive some people dear to me while I’m here; as well as restore my family and be delivered.