Lonni W.

I grew up in what some would call a broken home. Divorced parents, an alcoholic mother, and a semi-distant father with a new family. They are both loving parents and did the best they could do but in a separated family environment I felt left out a lot. I was about 14 once I started drinking. I began partying because it was fun, then the drinking and using turned into an escape of my emotions and feelings. When I was young I was always told I was too sensitive and that my feelings weren’t valid. My addiction grew and I needed more and more to fill the emptiness inside. I was lost, something needed to happen. A lot needed to change before I completely destroyed myself and my relationships with family and friends.  I came from California to Arizona to be near my daughter and separate myself from things and memories that were not healthy. I have been praying for healing and strength to take my obsession of alcohol away and guidance so that I can walk with the Lord more closely. I feel that God has brought me to the Home of Hope to fulfill those prayers.