Maia G.

I grew up with a lot of inconsistency and in a constant state of anxiety. At a young age my innocence was stolen from me and I lost trust in the people who were supposed to protect me, including God. My addiction began around the age of eleven. I started drinking and smoked a little marijuana. From there it quickly escalated to a number of other substances. The luxury soon became a necessity. My drug and alcohol abuse was used to cope with the past abuse and traumas I was running from. I fell into a downward spiral of despair and didn’t know how to get out. I came to Teen Challenge because I was sick and tired.  For the first time in my life I had friends that saw me and were genuinely terrified for my well-being. As they pleaded for me to get help, the fear in their eyes shook me to the core. While being in Teen Challenge, I hope that God will restore me to who he intended me to be. I want Him to remove the anger and bitterness I’ve been allowing for so many years.