Marcus R.

I started using tobacco and weed at the age of 13 and started drinking shortly after that. I experimented with other drugs but eventually just drank and drank pretty heavily when I did drink. I ended up getting my knees scoped (surgery) and was ascribed Percocet for my knees and eventually my doctor cut me off.  I ended up turning to the street to get my fix. I have been in and out of the 30 day rehabs a few times. My family has always tried to talk me into Teen Challenge, but I always had a reason not to go. I always used shortly after getting out of all the rehabs I was in. I ended up going to jail for 5 months and when I came out I had nothing but the clothes on my back and an ID. My sister ended up getting me a bed at Teen Challenge and for the first time I had no excuse not to come into Teen Challenge. I was able to finally stop running.