Marissa S.

My life growing up was good back in the day. It was adventurous and I always loved spending time with the family and cousins. We had barbecues outside, went fishing and had fun at the river and no drama. My addiction started at age sixteen and has been on and off ever since. I believe I used alcohol to cover up the pain all my life. Teenage years to adulthood, my addiction caused me to get angry and I began to hate the world and the people in it. I didn’t care about anything or anyone. God is what brought me to Teen Challenge. Now that I am having a baby, I can’t be selfish anymore. I have to think about this new life God blessed me with. While in this program I hope to find out who I am as a person again and finish what I started. I want to build a firm foundation to be able to lead my baby down the right path and live how God wants me to.