Mesa G.

Life growing up was very quiet. I lived in a small town where most families kept to themselves. As a result, I too turned inward and detached myself from my emotions to create a facade of contentment and normalcy. I started using drugs and alcohol recreationally as a teen. In college I became dependent on alcohol to get through social situations and stress. During my early twenties, it turned into alcoholism. If I was awake I was drunk. I used alcohol to try to align my feelings with a mask I was showing everyone else. I thought if I drank anytime I was happy, sad, angry, anxious or grieving, I could glide through life without having to feel anything. Over time I fell into a dark place. My family was referred to Teen Challenge by some friends who had a son complete the program. HOH happened to be in the same town. While I am here, I hope to gain enough trust in the Lord that he will make my path clear, and to heal from my traumas along with the addictions. I want to meet the Lord and take the struggles and pressures off myself.