Nicholas C.

My childhood was simple at first until my parents divorced at the age of 12.  My father who I stayed with was an alcoholic, and I pretty much took care of myself. I started smoking weed around this time because of the large amount of free time I had and began experimenting with other substances such as pills and coke. By the age of 17 most of my friends had graduated to using meth and harder stuff. At the age 18 I lost my best friend to an overdose, who I considered a brother, and for some reason it brought me to really dark places. I began taking prescription pills a lot more than I used to. I pushed most of my family away and was living a life of violence and just didn’t care if I just gave up on life. This past year I lost another friend to drugs and just decided I was next. I ended up overdosing on fake pills and somehow made it out alive and finally came to accept that I needed help. My mother found me a 30-day rehab and while I was in there told me she wanted me to come to Teen challenge.  I accepted the fact God wanted me here and not dead. Now being here, I realize that I do have a heart and I am ready to be the person that God sees I am and not this perception I created of myself.