Regina T.

Growing up was…never dull. I began my regular hospital stays at the age of five. I was battling multiple illnesses. On top of this, my mother was terminally ill and in and out of marriages, resulting in mental, physical and sexual abuse. I had over used my meds as a toddler, not understanding, I was escaping and getting high. But at the age of 13, I found my mother’s pain meds and intentionally starting stealing them. I was given no hope for a future, so I figured I would try to alleviate pain and pass time as fast as possible. I came to the HOH the first time around in 2013 due to pills, pot, and alcohol. After 14 months, I graduated. I recently returned because my husband of thirteen years abandoned me and my two daughters with no warning. I started smoking almost a pack of cigarettes a day and drinking myself to sleep.  I hope to re-establish Gods love, trust and gentleness with my children and also closeness and dependence on God, where I had allowed the world to slip in.