Renee O.

Being the youngest of eight siblings, I grew up with my grandparents from birth until the summer of the 4th grade. I eventually moved in with my mom who was in an extremely abusive relationship. I ended up moving back in with my grandparents and at the age of 15 I became pregnant. My addiction began at the age of 16 and continued until 2008. I struggled off and on with the addiction until my eldest son was sentenced to seventeen years in prison. I again picked up my addiction for 7 years. This time heavily, when my youngest son passed away at the age of twenty-three. I started using methamphetamine because I didn’t know how to process the pain of losing my son. It was too much to bear. My thirty-year old daughter recommended that I come to Teen Challenge. I was told that they have a really good program and is faith-based. She knew that would be important. I hope to accomplish a solid foundation in my relationship with God