Ryan A.

My life went pretty well when I was growing up. I was loved by both my mother and father and my family and I would spend a lot of time together. When I was a young boy my father started drinking and would be gone a lot of nights.  Also, my mother would get angry at me and it would scare me a lot when I was a child. I love both my parents very much and know that they did their best and continue to do their best.  I started with watching pornography at age 12, then using electronic cigarettes, and before I knew it I was using drugs. I used drugs and alcohol to try and numb trauma from when I was a child, my negative behaviors and actions that I have taken, the way that I felt about myself, and to avoid feelings and reality. I ended up sleeping in my car for about a month and I was absolutely miserable with my life and what I was doing to myself. I was slowly losing my family and was just about out of money and had no hope.  I felt horrible about trying to run from Jesus and for telling Him that I was not going to live for Him.  I wanted to learn about Jesus and also become a pastor and I knew that Teen Challenge would be a great start. I am here at Teen Challenge to learn who Jesus is and what his plan is for my life.  I hope to continue to learn about myself and receive breakthrough and healing. I also hope to rebuild relationships with loved ones and learn the word of God so I can better my life.