Ryan M.

I had a fairly typical childhood growing up.  I did come from a divorced household, but it happened when I was three years old so I really don’t remember the separation. Both my parents were present and active in raising me in my early formative years.  My addiction began when I was 18 years old. I dabbled with prescription opiates my senior year in high school and really started abusing them my freshman year in college. I was involved in a car accident in which I was ejected out of my truck at 75+ miles per hour later that same year. I was put in a drug–induced coma for 5 weeks immediately following the accident and suffered a lot of physical trauma and a severe case of PTSD. This was the real beginning of my opiate addiction that’s spanned the following 18 years of my life. I’ve attempted to use drugs and alcohol to block out anything that I find causes me stress because of my inability to deal with the hardships I underwent immediately after high school. I came to Teen Challenge to become a man of God, and a strong, godly husband and father.