Sutton C.

My life growing up was pretty good. My childhood was one with great parents, and two younger brothers. From the outside looking in it would seem I had the “perfect childhood”. What could go wrong?  At age 14 I found out I had more thoughts, and anxieties than I wanted to deal with on my own so I turned to methamphetamines, and alcohol. For the next 19 years my addictions spiraled out of control.  I no longer knew who I was without being saturated in a cloud of substance’s. Because of many lost jobs, and failed relationships I realized I needed a better life. Through a relationship with a local pastor, and my mother counseling me and through fervent prayer, they convinced me I needed to travel from Tennessee to Arizona to this place called Teen Challenge so I could find my purpose in Christ. While in Teen Challenge I hope to build a foundation in Christ that sustains me forever without worrying about tomorrow.