Whitney D.

Life was lonely growing up. I dealt with a lot of abandonment issues and rejection. I hated feelings and was always looking to cover up and numb myself from dealing with the real issues at hand. My addiction began at age fourteen after I was molested and raped by a grown adult. I felt tainted and failed. I believe I used drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism when I didn’t have control in my life anymore. I believe Jesus brought me back to Teen Challenge. I felt defeated, like God had forsaken me because I went back to addiction. I didn’t want to live anymore. I wanted to be with Jesus in heaven and not feel abandoned anymore. I hope to accomplish restoration in my family. I want to be a healthy, positive, godly role model to my son. I want to be the stable person in his life that he can count on after God. I think it would be amazing to go on a mission’s trips or to use what Teen Challenge has taught me and apply it to a stable career within the ministry.