William B.

My childhood was good. I didn’t want for anything. I just didn’t have my mom growing up. I had to learn how to let her go because it was a major downfall in my life. After I lost my daughter, when she passed at the age of 23, it was really hard on me. I had a lot of things going on and anger towards the situation, so I learned to cope with it by doing things on my own because a lot of people I loved were already out of my life. I always looked for love in the wrong places. I finally turned to God. He helped me realize he loved me and even through my daughter’s death, I know that she’s with him and taken care of. Teen Challenge has helped me slowly learn how to open up and understand that no matter the circumstance, God gives me a second chance to be a father to my new son that I had just a year ago. I get to be the father I have not had the chance to be.