Yolanda G.

I came to the Home of Hope because I lost my way in life in 2004. I was 25 years old when I lost my mother suddenly to a bowel obstruction. It was the worst thing ever to me to lose my mom who was always there for me and my whole family. I’ve been trying to do things by myself since then, but my drinking problem just got worse and my life was spiraling down without me noticing. I needed help but did not feel I could ask for it. I have 7 kids altogether and I am pregnant again, five months now. I lost all my kids to DCS because of drug and alcohol use. After that, I lost all hope for my life and gave up fighting. I want all my kids back and I will fight for my life to get better now. Since I have been at the Home of Hope, I feel a change happening. I pray my life will be what it is meant to be and I will be a God-loving person and mother. One day I hope for peace and love for my life and others.