Aidan D.

I got along with my family well, obeyed orders and respected authority. My parents were divorced but got along, and all of them worked for a living. I was around 13 when I picked up alcohol from my father and that was my gateway drug. I couch surfed all throughout my teenage years. I liked to relieve stress by means of weekend parties and events. This gave me a boost in confidence that helped me socialize. In the meantime, I was getting hooked on this false sense of confidence because I believed myself to be socially awkward. I committed crimes by chasing an adrenaline rush. I dishonored my own mother, which was displeasing to the Lord God, who brought me here to deliver me out of sentencing. I am probated here and want to learn more about  God’s Word. I want to commit to graduating as well as learn God’s will for my life.