Angel A.

My childhood was good and bad. It was just myself, my brother, and my mom. Though my mom and I didn’t really get along she did try her best to be both mom and dad, but at the time it was hard because she didn’t know the love of God. It wasn’t until she met my stepfather that she discovered how to love her kids through Christ. When I was a senior in high school my family had a Christmas Eve party and my step cousin offered me an edible and a hit off her vape pen. That was the first time I got high and I enjoyed it. My parents also let my best friend stay with us temporarily and she also had different vapes on her. We would spend every night getting high and that’s when I became heavily dependent on smoking. I chose drugs because it made me happy, careless, and it helped to numb my anxiety and emotions. Smoking finally caught up with me though and I had an anxiety attack twice in one week. My mom told me about the Home of Hope before, so I decided to give them a call so I could start bettering myself. I want to learn how to overcome my addiction and give all my struggles to God. I want to learn more about myself and continue to have this fire in my heart for the Lord.