Anthony L.

Growing up, my parents worked in the fields and at the age of 2, I was molested by family friends. At the ages 4-6 I was raped by my uncle and became extremely violent and hateful. Growing up in Southern California, I wanted to be like the “gangsters”.  At 10 years old I became affiliated with multiple gangs in CA and AZ. I participated in my first robbery at 12 and by 14 I was drinking alcohol and selling cocaine and marijuana. Jumping forward at 25 years old I was facing 25 years in prison, because of being addicted to fentanyl, meth, and crack. I burned every bridge with the people I loved the most. Now God is restoring what the locust has eaten.  I was recently homeless and addicted to multiple drugs, which is what brought me here to Teen Challenge. I am here to deny myself and to decrease in my life so He can increase in my life. I hope to help set others free in Jesus mighty name!