Briana G.

My life growing up was chaotic and full of abuse. I never felt safe by my loved ones, friends and family. The addiction started when I was 17 with a bunch of boys and my child’s father. I used drugs to prove to my parents what an addict looked like when I was a teenager. But as an adult, I used drugs to please my child’s father. Further down the road I used drugs and alcohol to get motivated to do anything and deal with my emotions and abuse I went through as a child. I mainly used drugs and alcohol to help me get through the abusive relationship with my child’s father. I got tired of being part of an abusive relationship cycle and I wanted to fully embrace gentle parenting. I realized I was losing touch with myself and my daughter. I’ve never felt more ready to be here and ready to feel safe and trust God again. I hope to accomplish an unbreakable relationship with Jesus Christ and my daughter! I hope to accomplish gentle parenting fully and learn to deal with my emotions and mental health. I also hope to accomplish knowing what healthy relationships look like with friends’ parents and intimate relationships through Jesus Christ!