Dale D.

About 10 years ago, my wife passed away from kidney cancer, and we had three children in their late teens and early 20s. Her passing led me to drink more heavily and smoke marijuana. Due to my addictions, my relationship with my children specifically my daughter, caused me to end up in jail multiple times. I was just in a broken, lost state. I also kept failing probation in attempt to move from state to state.  This was due to failed job attempts in Florida and back in Michigan where I’m from. I started to see how bad it could get; to the point of ending up homeless and such. The last time I got released from jail was in October of this year, 2022. I was blessed with an early inheritance from my parents and I bought plane tickets.!!! Plane tickets to Phoenix for a job. I relapsed again and knew I had to go back to Teen Challenge where I was 20 years ago. God brought me to Tucson, Arizona and on the way here I saw a rainbow over the exit sign and knew I had made the right decision.