Before I came to Springboard, I struggled with a lot of depression and trauma. I was doing a lot of hard drugs that brought me to rock bottom and made me believe that nothing mattered in this world but the next time I would get high. Right now I am learning about responsibility, forgiveness, the power of the word, self-discipline, self-control, and the best part, Jesus. I am sober and never want to touch a drug again. I feel healthy, happy, and whole again. I want God to help me carry the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. I want Him to overfill me with love and peace so I can give it to others. Something I pray is that my dad and I come back together but only in God’s timing and control. I want to go back to school and do good and put all of my effort into it. I want to be involved with my church and continue to follow God. Psalm 103:3-4 is my favorite verse because it reminds me I have a safe and loving father to go to.