Keith B.

I grew up in a divorced family. My mother had us in church multiple days a week. I was herald of the year multiple times (it was like the boy scouts of church). My first drink was at 16 years old, and I’ve always had it in my life socially but when it got out of hand it was really just a blur. I used alcohol out of boredom and as a numbing agent to distract me. I was stuck in a loop, and I ended up coming to Teen Challenge to break out of the cycle I’ve been in for so long. I am here at Teen Challenge to answer the calling that God has on my life in ministry and because I need to heal from all of my own junk. God is using this so that I may be of help to others. He has a purpose for all of us, but if we just want to “do me” and wallow in our muck, then we can never truly receive the joy Jesus Christ has for us.