Marcus H.

My life growing up was adventurous but traumatic. Being raised by both parents serving in the U.S. Army meant moving A LOT. Excelling in academics and sports was my therapy, but it was still tough being uprooted all the time. When I was 16, I stayed with my grandparents in the summer. Out of reach from my parents I partied, drank, smoked, rebelled and I enjoyed it. That’s when my addiction began. I didn’t know the love of Christ; my father was distant, and my stepmom was busy as a drill-sergeant. I turned to drugs and the party lifestyle to cope with the stresses of life. My last time using led to a near death experience. I spent 24 days in the hospital because my kidneys totally shut down. I cried out to the Lord to save me, forgive me, and to heal me. And HE did!  My doctors deemed it a miracle. This pushed me to seek long term help. I uprooted from my home state of IN on a mission led by the Holy Spirit. My pastors and the Indiana Teen Challenge Director gave their blessings and recommendation for the Teen Challenge of Arizona. My ultimate goal and desire is to be made WHOLE by Christ and EQUIPPED to do the work of an evangelist.