Philip S.

I had a good family life for the most part growing up. I remember being picked on a lot as a child for the color of my skin. My addiction began around 6th to 7th grade, which was my first-time smoking marijuana and drinking. At first, I used drugs and alcohol to fit in, to feel accepted. It quickly turned into a lifestyle, and spiraled out of control when I was introduced to methamphetamine and heroin. Five years ago, I left Teen Challenge New Mexico but really had a seed planted in my heart there. Since then, I drank alcohol almost every day. I could provide for myself physically, but I was dying inside. I had a hole in my heart that I knew only Jesus could fill. So finally, I came back to Teen Challenge to start living for Jesus. I’m here to save my life and start anew serving the Lord. I’m going to finish the program and see what Jesus has for me next.