Brianna S.

Life was good growing up until around the age of 9 when my parents got divorced and it felt like my entire world crumbled.  I felt broken and confused, but really I was in fear. After having my wisdom teeth pulled out at the age of 15, I learned that I liked the feeling that opioids gave me. My addiction didn’t fully take off until 23. That’s when I fell in love with the feeling, but I quickly learned I was always chasing that first high. I used drugs to numb all and any real emotion I ever had. I feel saddened to say this but drugs felt good to me and I don’t like feeling. Even if it was happiness I didn’t care, I just wanted to keep being numb. I came to Home of Hope to build and gain a relationship with God. I want to get off all of the drugs and nicotine, to have a real relationship with my children and hopefully restore broken bridges and relationships with my family. Also while being here I hope to better my attitude and do it all without any “crazy” needs.