Joel W.

My childhood was a rocky one with plenty of ups and downs. I grew up on a farm so there wasn’t a lot to do besides play video games. I never felt like I fit in or ever really got too close to anyone. I was mostly a loner as a child. I escaped with video games as my reality because they accepted me without judgment. This was my reality until age 21 when I really started experimenting with alcohol. For the next 11 years I started drinking very heavily when my mother passed away. Drinking myself to sleep became the new normal. Alcohol made me numb to avoid dealing with all the internal pain, and sorrows I was trapped in. As I got older I married, and my alcoholism started putting a big strain on that as well. My health started to suffer as too.  I never had a true relationship with God up to this point. Because my wife was in ministry already, she prayed and believed that there was hope for me still with Christ. My journey to Teen Challenge was God ordained, and I believe that I am right where I need to be to receive my inner healing. While being here so far, I have given my life to Christ and now have hope for a better future.